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We live at an amazing moment in the history of mankind

Written by Jay

During the last 33 years, computer technology has grown from the stuff of B movie science fiction films of the 1960's to the single most important technology that mankind has ever developed.

The founders of CM-Media Productions have been privileged to experience the birth of this evolution and to grow up with it. Over the years we have always pushed the boundaries of computer technology.

"As a child I was introduced to the massive mainframe computers used by my dads company. I became fascinated with this ‘digital brain’ and spent many a Saturday morning sat in front of a huge CRT screen playing 0’s and X’s, but I wanted to know more. By the age of 13 I had built my first computer. A UK101, A simple 8 bit processor and 8K of memory bought as a kit, which needed soldering together. Which meant understanding at a logic level how computer circuits worked. From that moment I followed computing very closely, updating and replacing my computers as each new technology evolved."

The UK101 was followed by a Video Genie - the worlds first clone computer. Then came a Commodore Vic20 and C64 and the Legendary BBC Computer. The 8 bit CPUs moved to 16 bits and along came the Atari ST, the Commodore Amiga.

These early 16bit computers where important in computing history. For the first time you could write music using totally new synthesised sounds and create amazing color images in hundreds of colours. The computer became a tool of art, be it visual or aural.

multimedia wormhole rotated

The age of Multimedia had arrived.

Since those early years, we at CM-Media Productions have always been directed and employed by the Evolution of the computer. We where there at the dawn of the IBM PC and early networking technologies. We watched the introduction of digital compression technologies allowing computers to process audio and video more efficiently, and we’ve been here for the rise of global network computing.

Having such extensive knowledge and experience allows us to approach projects from a unique angle, drawing on different areas and blending them together in new and exciting ways.

"We have grown up with all of this technology, we didn't’t just learn how to do it from a book."

The history of computing and information technology
is the History of CM-Media Productions.
  • Networking and Information Technology
  • Website Design and Development
  • Multimedia integration into your website
  • Custom Graphics and Icons
  • Image Gallery optimisation
  • HTML5 and Flash Design and configuration
  • W3C XHTML, CSS, HTML5 compliant mark-up where required
  • MySQL and PHP administration – we can solve your problems – contact us
  • Search Engine Optimisation – your domain and site optimised for Google
  • Website Audio/Video integration
  • And more...

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